Our Expertise


At Katana Foundations, we pride ourselves on having highly skilled, qualified operators to carry out every installation.

As a ‘Foundations’ company, it should go without saying that we have the capability to accurately mark out all jobs, and ensure that every pile goes in the correct location.

All of our installers are either builders, concreters or even plumbers by trade. This means that reading plans, using tape measures, and understanding the impact they will have on the following trade is strength of ours.

It’s not just about the location however; the finished height of any pile is critical. In order to comply with the instructions from the engineer, and ensure that the concreter can get on with the job, understanding and managing heights should be left to the professionals.

We pride ourselves on getting the simple things right…the first time.


Katana visits Tauranga

Great turnout at the Building Officials Institute of NZ meeting at Tauranga City Council Friday 31st August 2018. New Zealand certainly has some challenges ahead with housing demand. The Katana Foundations team presented the screw pile solution (including an...

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